What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is the leading Marketing Automation tool

So what is this marketing automation you speak of?

Rather than doing just one task for the benefit of one person at a time, what is your could organize your work in flows of activitiy.  You create a process.... and once it's complete, you can run thousands of people through it.. rather than one at  time.  

That creates leverage in your business.

Time leverage. Or content leverage or Sales or Marketing process leverage.

Leverage creates consistency and quality AND profitability. Leverage lets you scale your business.

Why is Marketing Automation so Popular?

Its give you leverage.  It allows you to create a more consistent customer experience. It makes employees jobs nicer to do.

When it's done well, Its goodness.  It's like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie coming straight from the oven.

When badly done, it's awful.  Many business owners have had bad experiences because they don't know their own processes. Automating a bad process does not lead to a good outcome.

The key is you must understand your business processes, especially the marketing and sales processes.  

The goood news is thousands of business owners and adding marketing automation to their business.

Let's Look at Third Party Facts About Usage

Similartech is a reputable third party firm that looks at the web and tech trends.  It shows usage of various web technology by sending out bots to pull back information.

Here is what they show us on usage of Marketing Automation products...

These aren't all apples to apples comparisons but you can see the adoption rates of various tools.

Since all these tools have people trained to use them (a channel or community of users and service providers) the greater to user base the larger the community to support the tech.

Another thing to think about is the stability of the company.  The larger the company, the greater the likelihood it will survive the next business downturn.  SInce marketing automation is core business technology, it's better to use a more proven, stable provider.  It's extremely risky to use a marketing automation technology not on this list.


What kind of businesses use Infusionsoft?

What are your needs?

Most businesses want more customers.

Most businesses want to provide a better experience to their customers. 

Most businesses need to manage and control their business processes.

You only need tools that help your business with it's specific needs.  

We have an intake quiz that helps to flesh out the areas of need and opportunities for improvement.

The businesses that embrace marketing automation are widely varied.

We sell Infusionsoft and implement it so you can make more money, save time and become organized.

Take the quiz to see if you might be a fit.

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