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Craig is a true professional and I admire and appreciate his expertise. Over the last three years I got to know many online “experts”, but he belongs to the top 1% because he knows what he is talking about and what is important to grow your business using the internet, especially if you are a brick and mortar or a person business like us (personal matching of international Nanny’s/AuPairs with US Families).His ability to explain to the difficult and complex concepts to make it easy for a newbie in marketing (like me) helped me to learn quickly and efficiently what I needed to make an educated decision on what strategy to follow, what do do myself and what to outsource.

His focus on the big picture of marketing strategy AND his skills and knowledge about online automation and word press AND resources (developers, copy writers, video, and combining it with the power of Infusionsoft application) to get things done is freedom I was longing for.

He has been the key to our success. Craig is our success mentor and coach. We could not have come so fare without his dedicated advice. Because of his combined knowledge and understanding of small businesses, strategic marketing, internet marketing, website building, and automation.

I can recommend Craig to any business owner who has a high quality product and wants to work with a true professional to add a high quality client funnel to your business and increase customer and sales and profit.

Earlier in 2011, Susan Asay proaupair.com said ….”Doubled my business in 6 months” and “I am now getting more leads automatically.”

“I went from frustrated with Infusionsoft to loving Infusionsoft”

In fact, after starting from a point of frustration and confusion, Susan now loves Infusionsoft (and us).

Susan Asay, Founder of ProAuPair
www.proaupair.com, No.5 in the Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Contest 2012, 2016 Infusionoft Finalist

Real Estate Investors

I’m fortunate to have worked with some professional real estate investors. I have helped Craig Celio founder of Diversifund

Here is a screengrab from Craig Celio’s  websites showing his trusted mentors. I’m proud to be on this list.

Thought Leader

Craig Jacobson speaks at a few entrepreneur events each year sharing marketing and business growth strategies with other marketing experts and saavey entrepreneurs.


Here is what some recent attendees at events have said….

Here is an interview with a smart marketer.

Here is a presentation on how to do a crowdfunding launch.

Click Here to view

Sales and Marketing Professionals

We have experience growing small, medium and large business and startups. Our experience ranges from growing sales at Johnson & Johnson, American Hospital Supply Corp to direct marketing at Harte-Hanks and growing multiple startups.

Southern California’s first Infusionsoft’s Certified Marketing Automation Coach (CMAC) now called San Diego Infusionsoft Certified Consultant or ICC. Graduates of the first 2011 Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and ICC re-certification class 2012. That 5 hour exam was comprehensive.

2012 ICC Logo
In 2011, Craig Jacobson was honored as the first “Infusionsoft Consultant of the Year”
Kara gives Craig ICC Award

Notice the Invisible Recognition presented by Kara Barney, ICC Program Manager of Infusionsoft

We can help implement effective marketing systems in your business, on site in Southern California or via phone and web everywhere.

About Our Team

Craig Jacobson leads the Open Spaces Consulting team. Craig’s experience comes from both large companies and from being a small business owner like you. Now veterans of well over 300 Infusionsoft Implementations. We are highly skilled with effective follow-up marketing, email and online CRM system Infusionsoft.

We also have several other experienced consultants along with an extensive network professionals with whom we have successfully completed marketing projects in various industries.

We specialize in small business marketing system optimization and development.

Craig Jacobson ICC, ICP, Duke MBA
 Small Business Marketing Expert

“We have a team of trained professionals”

All our team is expertly trained on special interests in website design, text messaging marketing, SEO, SEM and much more. We also work with your team and can train your team. 

The Open Spaces Team are other skilled professionals with other unique skill sets. They work on a project basis. best in class professionals. We associate with and work with outstanding marketing agencies and business service providers.

Jeff Gillis (Technical Research and Analytics) leads the Web Analytics  team. His skills center around technical analytics, security, web performance and web analysis.

Chris Friend (Monety Metrics) leads the Business Optimization team. His skills center around Funnel Optimization, Business Optimization, Google Analytics and web analysis.

Dr David Fogel is a world famous expert in machine intelligence and deep learning. He is the founder of EffectCheck™ and Emoteus.com a leader in emotional analytics. Dr Fogel is an expert at modeling, predective analtyics and optimization.

David Kohanek- Niche Player. Content Marketing & SEO Expert

Rick Episcopo- Facebook Advertising & Business Optimization Expert

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