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For Open Spaces Clients, here are a few of the tools we will be using:

To understand the status of your web marketing efforts
Add me as an Admin to your Google Analytics Account Click here
JuicedMetrics Click to download

Web meetings Click to join our meeting
Skype craig.jacobson760
Google Hangout

We run many web meetings from this location: //

You may have to be logged into Google and download some software before the first meeting so sho up 15 minutes early to the first meeting and get your Tech Set!

Conference Calls


I use Uberconference.  The Dial in number is 760 407 2181

Managing large files
Amazon s3 Click to learn more

Project Management
Our Login page

Visual Mapping Click to view

First we seek to Understand Your Current Situation & Goals and team capabilities.

Our focus is on finding the highest value areas to automate for your business and focusing our effort initially on those areas.

Common areas of focus are:

1. Identifying your ideal clients/customers/patients
2. Identifying your ideal client/customer/patient’s needs
3. Identifying your USP. You “Unique Sales Proposition”…why should I do business with you?
4. Identifying additional traffic sources or tracking traffic…Is it relevant
5. Identifying powerful “Lead Magnets” to provide you with a list of people shopping for your products/services. What gives you a great “Hand Raise”…tell me more about your services.
6. Identifying the best segmentation for your business.
7. Identifying your ideal communication frequency, medium and style
8. Identifying your sales performance metrics. Are we selling using the best methods/techniques?
9. Identifying your post sale opportunities for growth. Upsells.Crosssells.
10. Identifying testimonial and referral opportunities..and systematizing them

There are other needs such as
1) Deciding how to effectively use videos to grow your business
2) Examining membership sites to grow clients
3) Examining webinars, teleseminars and events to grow your business
4) Connecting other systems together with APIs
5) Using advanced ninja techniques to improve the prospect/client experience

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