We love video! A Video does more than the written word.

Business Problem:

A client had a problem.  We had leads interested in “special needs Aupairs” but they were not converting to sales. We do telephone sales to interested qualified prospects.

We tried different sales scripts. We tried different sales people.  We had people stacking up in the “interested but thinking about it category”.


Create a video SHOWING what life is like after you say YES.

The structure is objection handling.  We started with a list of the prospect objections (stated and unstated). We then have scenes in the video which state that this isn’t a problem in the affirmative.

It is highly successful and makes the sales process meer order taking.

This Video was produced by

Video can help show emotions and contents not just telling people. More people watch TV than read books. While we LOVE great copywriting, we LOVE LOVE great video.

There are many styles of video which can be effectively used to connect, inform and sell.

This video is highly effective because it is structured well and evokes emotions. People learn and feel, then they act.

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