Discover Your Avatar

To develop effective marketing communication, you must be speaking to one person at a time in first person familiar voice.  So who is your ideal customer?

So you start with a ‘Who”.  A cartoon character description of age, demographic info … just to start… so start with a name and demographics.

Then add in some details. Add more in in this order….

1)Their Motivations/pain

This is their current situation that is painful.

2) Future Bliss/Future Testimonial

This is their new future condition where things are bettter.

This defines the arc of their story.

Next.. add on their “Limits”. Why can’t they get from this painful current state to the future “Bliss” or “all better” state?

Here is an example of your worksheet. for one avatar.

Here is my worksheet so you can build this for your business.

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So to create more effective marketing content, define your avatars. Your homework is fill out the worksheet to find your Avatars!