Basics 2

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Your Mobile action plan:

1. Find out how fast your webpages load
a. Use my Page Readiness tool

This shows me the page speed and that the tracking scripts are all on the page.  “Is this page traffic ready?” meaning is the age fast and is tracking up and are the accounts your tracking accounts….can all be figured out easily without digging into page source code.

b. Pingdom my favorite page speed tool!

GT Metrics is also also good.

I look at the “waterfall” view to show which scripts are slowing down the page load.


Look for the cause of your slow pages:
a. Slow first bit response rate from your server ( see that on the waterfall diagram from the page speed tools.

2.Switch web hosting to faster server setup
I use Simpli Networks and Digital Ocean.

Simpli Networks provides me full support on speed, security and IT setup and measurement and monitoring.

We have two ways of helping you:

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