Bill P

Meet Bill Pavarrano…

Bill Pavarrano Is the Knee Pain Guru. He helps people suffering from knee pain with exercises that reduce pain and improve their knee function. He really helps people regain their mobility and reclaim their life again. Like most small business owners, Bill started out going to courses and buying products and their quick success techniques. Now after working with Craig, he has taken control of his business, he uses measurement and testing to drive business results. From the experiments, he has a better understanding of his customers, how they want to interact during the buying process. Sales are up mainly because we see more clearly the people, how messaging works due to having established a strong foundation of measurement and a solid tech layer.

In this video, Bill shares what he has learned along the way that would be beneficial to you.

Bill like many small business owners went to all the internet marketing events, purchased the courses and hired dozens of marketing “experts”. Now he has changed how he markets, and really can manage her marketing and business. And his business is growing. He is getting leads and sales from the web.

If you would like to explore the ways to improve your business and figure out how to go from Frustration to Freedom in your business, I invite you to schedule a discovery call with us.