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Security not Optional

Back in September  2016, Google announced that the Chrome browser in January 2017 start to show a ‘not secure’ status for http connections. In a seperate announcement, Google search announced that the would rank https websites above http websites in organic search results. So Google wants to move the web … Read More

Lessons Learned #6 Time is Important

Is this a good time for you? I was taught that this is a great first question to ask on any phone call I originate. People are busy and distracted. If they can’t focus on our conversation or work, we will be less productive. I recently became more sensitive to … Read More

Lessons Learned #5 Its Easier to Keep Customers/Clients/Patients

It is easier to keep and grow customers than get new ones. It is more profitable to grow customers than acquire new ones.  Funny that we hear that and don’t really give it the consideration is merits. Why is this? Let’s look at what is involved in getting a new … Read More

Lessons Learned #4 It Matters More What Other People Say

Social Proof or other people’s opinion of your skill, effectiveness or product value matters more than what we say about our products. A common opportunity business owners miss is not thinking about what their customers will say about them or their products/services.  

Lessons Learned #3 Great Content Rules

In today’s world, you often hear “Content is King”.  It is true from our experience. Effective sales and marketing systems though implemented through technology (websites & email, etc) rely mainly on great content. Great content Rules: Copy should be Engaging & informative Copy should be emotionalized Copy should tell stories … Read More

Lessons Learned #2 Plans and Execution

Its funny that the Human Mind works.  Once you can picture something in detail, you can manipulate the idea and figure out how to build it. I think we are builders at heart. But to build we need to picture the completed work in mind. Sales and Marketing systems are … Read More

Lessons Learned #1 Goals and Metrics

As we speak with many small business owners each month about their problems/opportunities and aspirations some common themes have emerged. Everyone wants more customers and more sales. Everyone wants more visibility for their products and services. Few can communicate their goals.Very few can communicate their sales and marketing metrics which … Read More

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