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We next need to know your basic metrics for your business. The best tool for this is Google Analytics along with Infusionsoft.

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The usual issues for businesses are: Traffic, Engagement, Conversion to Prospect List, Sales and Accession. These tools help us understand your business in this light to find the points to focus on first.

Next you would like to know about our services.

Our most popular services are:
1) Sales/marketing consulting
2) Infusionsoft sales
3) Infusionsoft Implementation
4) Infusionsoft system tuneup-
5) Infusionsoft simple module addition…eg cart, affiliate program, campaign or followup seq- custom quoted
6) Competitor research-

We have associates who offer these services:
1)  Analytics Setup

2) Web development

3) Infusionsoft API

4) Copy writing/Video Production

5) Others

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