Have an idea to expand or launch your business and little money?

There is an exciting and powerful new way to bring your idea to the market. Crowdfunding.
We used the Pre-sale your product type crowd funding. Get contributions and provide backers with perks.
You don’t give up equity. Your future customers help you get the necessary working capital to make and bring your new product or service to the world.

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We did it on the thingCHARGER campaign. Yes we were successful.
We think we learned many things along the way. Many were things to do and many were things to not do.
We’d like to share these with you so you can be successful. So we are offering a 1 day bootcamp.




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In a 1 day bootcamp in my office, you will learn the basics of what worked on a successful Crowdfunding campaign.

8 AM to 9 PM…Cave Time Rules apply.That is extreme focus on your business. Date to be determined.

Working with a small group setting (Limited to 5 Businesses) with professionals to develop your plan.

You will be provided with access to our  project management system to manage your tasks.

You will be introduced to people to build your team.

You will build your launch strategy and plan.


If you are convinced and are ready, pay now!  We still need your application to be completed.

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