Escape The Commodity Trap

Today, I listened to Dan Kennedy present his small business secrets in Anaheim CA. It was great!

Dan Kennedy and Craig Jacobson

Dan Kennedy knows alot about marketing. In his presentation, he shared the secret of how to escape selling of “lowest price” or “we’ll match any competitor’s pricing”.

How is it that some businesses are able to escape commodity pricing?

Are those businesses more profitable? Wouldn’t you like to do this for your business?

What Dan Kennedy revealed and my friend, Kristen White knows very well is there is a normal pyramid in every business.

The lowest rung is the commodity service provider. His example is an auto garage which fixes “cars. Prices are low, volumes are high.

The next rung is a “specialist”. Using the auto repair example, “We exclusively repair German Cars”.
They get to charge more for their specialist status…and tend to be more profitable.

The next rung is a “certified specialist”. Say a “Trained in Germany by Mercedes Benz and using factory certified specialist technicians”. The get to charge more for their expertise.

The next rung is “Award winning, certified specialist”. Say “The Best California, Factory Certified BMW technicians”. More trusted… and a specialist…What does this do for prices?

The pinnacle is leaps the profitability of any business. It is the “Celebrity, Award Winning, Factory Certified Specialist”.

On the bottom rungs you are paid for what you do. On the higher rungs, you are paid for “who you are”.
At the top you are more trusted and obviously skilled. At the bottom, it is the work you are paid for.

Here is the diagram….

This is a valuable income expanding observation!

You may ask, just how can I achieve the benefits of better clients, higher prices?

It just happens that Kristen White is an expert at making people celebrities….and she is having a free webinar sharing her system with you. You need to know this!

Watch her video to understand how you can actually “escape the price trap” and get more and better clients.

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You will not regret this!