We routinely conduct events to spread the word on how to be effective with small business marketing systems. These are designed around a Mastermind format: Share a problem, help others with their issues. We deliver value to you!

Infusionsoft User Group Meetings are Monthly

Meetups are weekly in San Diego

Meetup Tough Times Tactics

These meetups rotate topics but are focused on effective small business marketing techniques. Some are workshops, other more masterminds and others presentation on valuable content with tip on what to do to grow your business.

Bill Glazier/ Dan Kennedy

We like Dan Kennedy style direct response marketing. If you have never heard of his style marketing, we offer a treat… a sneak peak of Dan Kennedy speaking to small business owners. Just complete the webform and you can view Dan Kennedy Himself.

Craig speaking to Real Estate Investors at the San Diego FIBI meeting in March 2011.
DAN KENNEDY right now!