Open Spaces has been sponsoring Meetups for 3 years and now put on over 100 to rave reviews. These have helped hundres of small business owners select sales and marketing tactics. These have helped double more than a dozen small businesses.

Small business owners share what is working and what isn’t in a “mastermind” format. The focus is “how to get customers profitably”. The emphasis is education, and sharing our real world case studies.

There are usually 10-15 small business owners in attendance. There is nothing for sale. This isn’t a pitch session and people pitching their services are not welcome.


Craig Jacobson described why these sessions were created. “I noticed that most small business owners really understand very little about the most important part of theirs business: How to get customers. There are many choices available but many small business owners don’t know how to evaluate the choices and select the best choice for their business.””My experience in a mastermind group was very powerful: Business owners sharing what works for them and what doesn’t. By building a community, introducing techniques and showing the metrics which reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the technique and having very open discussion, the group eliminates the hype and has helped small business grow.”

We sponsor a weekly meeting…
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Tough Times Tactics

Frankly our meetings are early Friday Mornings to attract only the most motivated business owners. You can select a tactic and implement it the same day! Join our group of smart, motivated entrepreneurs.