Orange County Infusionsoft User Group


Next Meeting August 5th 9 AM- 11 AM, September 2nd 9 AM- 11 AM

This group is dedicated to growing your business with Infusionsoft, the best marketing automation tool for small businesses. It is an environment of sharing successes and challenges. It is strictly a no sales environment.

Our focus on is on Effective Small Business Marketing, Business Mapping and Rapid Execution of a Marketing Plan.

Last month we discussed building an effective dashboard to know at a glance how well your marketing and salessystem is performing. You never know when you get inspired by amazingly powerful techniques used by other business owners.

You’ve invested in the best marketing automation system. Now meet other Southern California entrepreneurs on the cutting edge. This event is open to Infusionsoft marketing automation system users. This is the premier community of Infusionsoft users where we have a “no sales” but alot of recommendations on how to and what to do. This is your community where you can learn and share with other business owners using these tools and techniques.

Here is what recent attendees said about this event:

“Craig, thanks for putting these meetings together. I’ve pulled more value out of the last three in terms of tactics that I’ve been able to turn around and implement later that day, than I ever expected. Perfect for someone like me that is just getting started with this stuff.” Ted

Learn how to get more from your Infusionsoft investment.

Our sessions will follow the following format:
1) Introductions and networking-1 hour
2) Open Q&A discussion and presentation- 1 hour

Some of the most amazing entrepreneurs will be present. Tech savey business pros interested in implementing effective techniques to build their business. This forum is designed to share our learning in between the annual InfusionCon event and periodic corporate sponsored events such as Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, Michael Gerber, Matt Bacak.

We use a Mastermind format…come prepared with:

1) Your business elevator pitch
2) Share an effective tactic or vendor
3) Bring a problem for everyone to help you with
Registration is $ 20 per event…buy now or pay at the event

Time/Date: First Tuesday of each Month! (But our schedule changes for Holidays… and InfusionCon)
9 AM – 11 AM

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Aha Image Studios, Inc.
15375 Barranca Parkway, Suite G-104 | Irvine, CA 92618 (Click for Google Maps location)
T 949.831.2222 | F 949.680.4159 |

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Karen Rauch Carter Fung Shui Expert and New York Times best selling author
Karen shares what she learned at the Infusionsoft User Group meeting.

Our very own, Jermaine Griggs of Won “Infusionsoft 2011 Ultimate marketer of the year”. He totally rocked! He is an OC guy. Jermaine has come to our meetings. I hope to get him to share some of his amazing insights with the group. The nicest guy you’ll meet and an amazing businessman.