Follow-up Marketing

Building a list of people interested in your product or service category is essential for any business. You do this by offering people information related to your areas of service in exchange for their contact information and sending them helpful information via email, direct mail, phone, text and pony express.

“People buy when they are ready to buy” Clate Maske

The challenge for a small business is to be in your prospect’s mind when they are ready to buy. You do this by routinely, automatically messaging people with valuable information and thereby then of your expertise and trustworthyness.

I use Infusionsoft for follow-up marketing because it is the most powerful follow-up marketing system available.

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I love Infusionsoft for the quality of the people in the company. They nurture and support small business owners with a great service. In doing so they have created a community of small business owners, using great tools and techniques. Every person I have the pleasure of working with at Infusionsoft, has been skilled, committed and passionate. I could tell you dozens of stories which demonstrate their service commitment, but I will share one:

December 17th I needed an email blast to go out that day and we planned poorly. We wanted to use some pretty email template to test our conversion rate versus plain looking html. There had been an update from the email template company that morning and their software (template uploader) and Infusionsoft wasn’t synching properly. Ramon Darling helped me during the Infusionsoft Christmas office party and made sure I was taken care of.

Yes they have technology…but their service is outstanding!

so what is Infusinsoft?

Here is a basic overview of what to do with Infusionsoft by Scott Martineau, founder of Infusionsoft…