These helpful emails educate you about SPAM

Here is another helpful video…

Enough with the fun! Seriously what is SPAM?

It is generally undesired, unrequested email communication. The determination of SPAM is a matter of the opinion of your email subscribers. Even if people complete your webforms on your website, request email helpful communication, request information, make appointments, buy things and they say they don’t want your information, it’s SPAM.

How do you protect your business from becoming a SPAMMER?

  1. Set explicit expectations of the types and frequency of emails you will send.
  2. Offer a clear way to adjust frequency of emails or type of content your email subscriber can recieve
  3. Deliver valuable educational material to people so they will like the email content

What to do if you are marked as a SPAMMER?

  1. Determine the content or source of people which is creating the SPAM complaints
  2. Check your email reputation here

  3. Humanize the opt-out process a) Humanize your optout link to introduce your humanity. Apologise for the offense (it really was unintentional)b) Humanize the optout page with content like this : Your Picture (headshot) “I’m Sorry If I’ve Emailed You Too Frequently… If I emailed you too much, I’m sorry – I just get so excited about marketing online sometimes… that I have share my thoughts and ideas with my subscribers.

But if the content is just too much for you, that’s ok. We can reduce the amount of emails you receive without you removing yourself completely from my newsletter.

If you are a paid client, or have invested in any of my product, I strongly urge you to not completely ‘unsubscribe’ just yet, because you may miss out on important product updates. Instead, you can just elect to be emailed less frequently.

You can also do this if you’d like to stay plugged in to my emails… but just not get so many of them.

If there is something either I, or my business has done that has upset you, or ticked you off, please let me know so I can fix it.

Simply contact support at your

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