Ok membrium-ians, here are my downloadable gifts:

1. Tech Setup Checklists
a. Is my page traffic ready?
I hate turning on traffic before we have our measurement ready and tested.
OSM IS This Page Traffic Ready Procedure

b. Is my website ready to launch?
I hate when my developers launch the website and it hasn’t had all the basics covered. This is our checklist to make sure a site is ready to launch. Remember we like websites built on a staging site, then you push to the live (production site).
Launch a Site

Here is my “check my page” tool ….

c. Set up your basic tech right

2. Mobile First
You should build your website for mobile traffic.
Here are our Mobile First Rules.

3. Competitor Analysis
Here is our wordpress plugin
Here is the how to use.

4. Emotional Analysis
Here is my short guide.
Link to our emotional analysis tool site for marketers
link to our more general emotional analysis tool site

Link to Ryan Garey’s training