gkic stuff

Ok here are the promised goods! These are the special bonuses promised to San Diego GKIC group.

First. Sign up for JuicedMetrics..for free
…to understand how to improve your marketing system and start getting clients
There are a few things you need..the right traffic, the right lead magnet offer to build a list to get sales.
This helps you understand your traffic, links (which bring traffic), keywords, offer conversions and sales.

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Second. The $2.9 Million Dollar Sales Letter Click here … Healthyvending.com showed this example at InfusionCon of their lead magnet
Andy and Sean are testing fanatics. This is their best “lead gen” optin offer AND ebook which is a long form sales letter, stating their USP…why should I do business with you?

I recommend “swiping and deploying” (S&D) to apply this to your business…because it works.

Third. Here is a quick overview. A 10 minute Overview video

The entire video which can help people new to this online marketing is located here…
Small Business Steroids

Fourth. Want a deeper dive into effective small business marketing…browse this site.
We have simple “how to” videos” as well as amazing powerful techniques outlined here.

Fifth. Here is a bonus Follow the Money make more money online