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Here is some basic information to help you grow your online business. This is Do-it yourself style info. Some of my online training will help you understand how these pieces come together.  We want to know what do your best prospects search for, who shows up in those searches (and why) and then we can build a plan to show in those searches and capture those leads. I have a method to grow businesses called Small Business Steroids (probably not a good term to use in the sports biz). It is step by step and do it yourself.

Search Volume on relevant keywords to your business

A full keyword analysis would help identify the terms which buyers in your market search on.  Here is a quick analysis of a few terms

Google’s external keyword tool is very helpful. It shows us what people searched for last month.  Click here (you may need to set up a gmail account to access it but Gmail is free)

KeywordGlobal Monthly SearchesUS Monthly SearchesEstimated Avg. CPC
marketing agencies6050027100$3.56
how to advertise your website29001600$7.53
how to advertise for free66003600$3.40
free internet advertising66002900$4.28
advertising billboards54002400$2.58
outdoor media148003600$3.29
what is advertising4050012100$2.54
advertising billboard2710014800$3.05
cheap internet advertising320210$6.99
media outdoor advertising1300390$3.22
keating magee new orleans2828$0.05

The bad news is that Google only thinks your site is about these 12 terms. many are not really relevant to your business.  This is a huge opportunity.  Your onsite content must be rich is the vocabulary which buyers use to search on AND your must position your site to show in those searches.

I will make a guess that you are really in the turnstile advertising business (46 searches last month in Google and you are in Position #2 which is great!) and more broadly in stadium advertising. Here are some interesting terms

KeywordEstimated Avg. CPCUS Monthly SearchesGlobal Monthly Searches
retail advertising$7.4524006600
targeted advertising$6.6336008100
alvarado turnstile$4.4473110
advertising promotion$4.30810027100
advertising services$3.98810022200
access control$3.74135000368000
controlled access$3.6824004400
alvarado turnstiles$3.65210320
pedestrian turnstiles$3.1536140
full height turnstiles$3.12140590
billboard advertising$3.081480027100
media advertising$2.982710074000
security turnstiles$2.947201300
automatic turnstiles$2.9273170
access turnstiles$2.80110480
outdoor advertising$2.702710074000
stadium advertising$2.644801000
advertising campaign$2.632220060500
turnstile gate$2.62210720
advertising strategies$2.51540014800
optical turnstiles$2.37390720
optical turnstile$2.23140260
turnstyle hardware$2.22140170
international advertising$2.16360014800
door access$2.151810040500
automatic gates$2.12440018100
advertising on radio$2.122220049500
turnstile security systems$2.0091140
turnstile security$1.95320720
turnstile manufacturers$1.90140390
safety products$1.884050074000
advertising techniques$1.821210022200
advertising magazines$1.7136009900
turnstile gates$1.634801300
turnstile manufacturer$1.51140390
waist high turnstile$1.312246
perey turnstiles$1.30210260
tomsed turnstiles$1.23110140
perry turnstiles$1.094646
subway turnstile$1.07210260
turnstile designs$0.9658170
full height turnstile$0.86140590
tripod turnstile$0.5936590
stadium chicago$0.541210014800
turnstile advertising$0.054658
in stadium advertising$0.055891
hayward turnstiles$0.05110140
football stadium advertising$0.052891
electronic turnstiles$0.0546140
stadium advertising costs$0.054673
turnstiles gates$0.055901600
turnstile systems$0.05140480
in stadium$0.0590500165000
alvarado manufacturing$0.05320390
tripod turnstiles$0.0546720
baseball stadium advertising$0.051616
gunnebo turnstiles$0.0558210
sports stadium advertising$0.051658
used turnstiles$0.05110170
what is a turnstile$0.05140210
portable turnstiles$0.053658
glass turnstiles$0.0558170
stadium marketing$0.05170390


I view the CPC or cost per click as the market places’ collective wisdom of the value of showing up in each search so I sort the terms in descending cost per click (most commercially valuable terms to someone are first)…and the search vocabulary looks like this.

The goal is showing high in the most commercial searches. These may be good commercial searches. It does require you to weed out all irrelevant search terms. It should be a good start.

Your Website traffic

Our goals is to have people hungry for your type of products come to your website. It isn’t total traffic but relevant traffic of potential buyers which counts.

I believe Google analytics is the best measure of your traffic but there are a few outside tools to look into your traffic. Alexa ranks site by traffic volume. A lower number like #10 means 10th busyiest site on the web.  Your Alexa Rank is 23,634,113.  It means you lave little traffic (probably 200 unique visitors a month). is another traffic measuring site and it does not have a profile for your site.

With a low level of traffic, composition of traffic (buying vs non buying terms) is not necessary.

Competitive websites

Your top web competitor looks like

You can feel good that they have no significant web traffic and a website grade of 11. View report

They are not generating leads on the web.

Your Web-Sites’ Competitive strength

The sharp folks at Hubspot have a “website grader” which gives you a grade on a scale of 0-100 on website quality. Your score is 43.

That is meaningful only in relation to your competitor’s sites (his is 11).  Generally better sites, with fewer errors and more quality content and external sites linking to them place higher in searches. Click to view the report

Your Position in Searches

I see you in Position #2 for Google search “turnstile advertising”. Normally we figure out the most important terms for your business and monitor position for those terms.

What does all this mean?

Normally people have a problem, type some search term into Google or Yahoo, and some sites show up.  The site which shows up has people visit it. If the offer on the website and your content is good, perhaps they call you or request info from you. This is lead generation on the web.

We like to see good search volume then we can help a business show up and build a prospect list and nurture the prospects to sale with education and information. 21st Century marketing via the web and video and email. Powerful, automatic and very inexpensive to run.  Call or email for more info..I’m glad to help.