Our Initial Client Intake Process
We have learned that the key to success is excellent Client selection coupled with Clear Project goals.  After 200+ Infusionsoft Implementations, it is essential that we understand the client’s current situation and needs clearly.
Complete Contact Information
This avoids later delays in communication.  You know best your best phone numbers, main website, mailing address and preferred email.
Main Business Metrics
Is Traffic, Conversions, Nurturing, Sales, Fulfillment, Ascension or Magnification the main area to focus on?  Your opinions plus your metrics will help.
Project Definition and Goals
It’s essential to know the main business and project goals.
Please Complete these forms to bring us up to speed quickly.

There are no wrong answers…just the facts.  We work with many startups and established businesses.  Leave your shame and embarrassment at the door.


We need a proper diagnosis to prescribe the proper treatment.

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