Juiced Metrics

Jeff Gillis Provides
Very Specialized Competitive Analysis, Leveraged Juiced Metrics Consultation & Strategic Traffic Services.
– Imagine having your website perform with sales conversions equivalent to that of a Percision Swiss Watch?
– Let’s go on a journey of discovery and contemplate and envision the type of report(s) that tell you specifics about your customer and prospect behavior. Do you know the specific engagement process that your audience and your target market goes through leading up to a sale? Imagine if you would make better decisions if you could tune that check mate solution, shorten the steps to solve the rubix cube to generate sales all while optimizing your traffic and leveraging your ad spend!
– We’ve entered the age of convergence and next generation marketing. The sky is the limit for those who embrace the power of knowledge tools. Tools that empower your decision making. Resources that facilitate and enable laser focus targeting that connect with your people and produce results that until now, you’ve only dreamed of.
Juiced Metrics
Juiced Metrics is your introduction to a new business paradigm. Jeff will enlighten you with a business 2.0 prowess that will give you the ability to see what your target audience is doing. You will be able to understand and see how customers and prospects are reaching your website and their activity. These adept insights can radically empower you to make strategic decisions and every business owner knows that better decisions equate to revenues, ultimately the growth of you business.
Hire Jeff to prepare an in depth Competitive Analysis of your business
The first step is downloading our free juicedMetics plugin that provides you insightful knowledge on your competitors. This highly specialized “Busines Intelligence” utility has been created through years of research and market testing.

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