Lessons Learned #2 Plans and Execution

Its funny that the Human Mind works.  Once you can picture something in detail, you can manipulate the idea and figure out how to build it. I think we are builders at heart. But to build we need to picture the completed work in mind.

Sales and Marketing systems are an interesting combination of psychology and technology.  They are often times hard to picture.  What has been working for us for 5 years is planning and building Sales & Marketing Systems using a technique I call “Visit the Cave”.  The rules are simple:

  1. Sustained focus without outside distractions
  2. Illustrate processes with pictures on a white board
  3. Implement in Infusionsoft, Websites and Project Management systems the planned system
  4. Test the System to minimize our errors
  5. Measure the system to see if it performs like planned
  6. Modify as needed

The OSM Cave