Lessons Learned #6 Time is Important

Is this a good time for you?

I was taught that this is a great first question to ask on any phone call I originate.

People are busy and distracted. If they can’t focus on our conversation or work, we will be less productive.

I recently became more sensitive to looking at Time of Day (TOD), Day of Week (DOW), and Week of Month (WOM) in seeking better performance in marketing systems.

You know I frequently look at my effectiveness triangle ….
effectiveness triangle

Often I’m looking at the People Dimension (my ideal customer “avatars”) or the Message Dimension to figure out how we can squeeze out a bit more performance.

Now I’m more sensitive to the “TIME” dimension. It seems like a valuable reminder for all of us.

In the thingCHARGER crowdfunding campaign, our contributors followed certain patterns.

I saw this… Day of week:


Take our high day 18.4% of orders. Take our low day 11.0% The Day accounted for 7.4 % difference. That is a 70 % change and potential improvement by varying the day of week!

thingCHARGER is a Tuesday to Friday business. Those are it’s best buying times. These should be our best advertising and emailing times.

I often see Monday to Friday businesses and weekend businesses. Others are driven off life events or calender events.

And surprising was Time of Day…


This is our server clock 24 hour clock of time of order.

Take our lowest hour 9 am and 7 orders versus 75 orders at 4 pm. That’s a 10X difference.

Time Factors

So day of week is a 60% factor and Time of day is a 1000% factor. That seems like something good to know.

You see from this that a phone/tablet wall charger seems like a good idea to people between 2 PM and midnight (when they have 2 bars on their phone battery) and from midnight to 4 am (lots of things seem like a good idea then which is another story. Many aren’t.).

If we followed conventional wisdom of email first thing in the morning or 9 AM or 11 AM, we wouldn’t be connecting with our people within our buying strike zone. My suggestion for you is “Find your Truth”.

This reminds me of a great Farside cartoon…

time money
The caption on it is “Einstein discovers that time is actually money.”

My suggestion to you is to identify your best Time of Day, Day of Week, Week of Month for your business and warm up engagement then. Advertise then, Email then, Call then.