Lessons Learned:One is a Bad Number

One is a bad number!

In small business, things happen. You are in a resource constrained environment. Not enough of the three key resources (Time, Money and Skill).

I’m sure you’ve had a time when your business system (and life) is stressed and you are running hard. You are at 110% of capacity. It’s thrilling and BANG something breaks and you are limping.

Often after you’ve scrambled and fixed the problem and eliminated the constraint you should look back. Identify the root cause. In my experience, we often didn’t have redundancy of some mission critical resource.

I recently had a situation where I had One Skilled XYZ (I’m not naming them) business resource. The business decided to refocus and eliminate that service offering and I was “Up a Creek”. I knew I needed another resource months earlier but I never got around to identifying and testing a second resource.

You know it. Inevitably, a situation came up and Bang we were stressed.

To avoid this, ask yourself where is your critical, business damaging, constraint: Money, Equipment, Skills, Time or other. How can you add redundancy to each area so you don’t have emergencies come up.

The Navy SEALS have a saying “One is None. Two is One”. Things happen but you have a responsibility to not be victimized by “Things”.

Have two of any mission critical resource.