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Here is how to setup your Juicedmetrics dashboard ….

So you need three main things….
1. Google Analytics username and password
2. Infusionsoft domain url and API key
3. Set up your sales funnels…this requires a bit of thought and planning
The video shows it all.

Non Infusionsoft users only need their Google analytics username and password

The urls you need to know..
Here is the “join” page…This is where you start creating your account!

Afterwards…this is your login page…This is what you “save” in your browser as you regular login page

Here is how to setup your funnels in Juicedmetrics….

Lets begin with the end in mind.
1. Login Here

2. Create Google Analytics account relationship and select your website from list
3. Provide your Infusionsoft domain (do not use http) but

4. Create your funnels.

Your funnel report will show you how you are moving people from interest to sale or appointment. This is what we want your funnel to look like…

So to do this we will use your Infusionsoft TAG ID numbers to construct the funnel. Each stage is tagged and that stage has a TAG ID number within you Infusionsoft application.

Your report will show the sales funnel using those Tag Ids.

Now what is this telling you?
1. Traffic levels…
2. Is your traffic relevant?
3. Is your content “sticky” or valuable to your visitors
4. Is your “lead magnet” offer working?
5. IS your nurture process moving people to sale?

Most importantly, which is the weakest link in your chain? Work on that and check back in!

After you set up your system, I’d like your feedback…

Thank you for your interest! You will love this!