Minor League Baseball basic info

The beauty of smart web-marketing is you can know so much about businesses using common tools. Everything is inexpensive and measurable. It is easy to get build effective marketing systems which bring more revenue quickly and inexpensively.

Since all marketing begins with awareness, interest, comparison then down into the selling stages, I pulled a couple interesting statistics…mostly about the interest stage. This is based upon about 30 minutes of research.

1) Minor league baseball web traffic (up 11% over prior year)
2) Google Searches on minor league baseball team names
3) Facebook profiles where people say they “like” any minor league team

Minor league baseball website traffic (a leading indicator)

Notice the seasonality on the “interest”. I like that there is growing interest. Since “interest precedes engagement and sales. This means there is an environment for more sales next year!

Opportunity is never distributed equally. People search for tickets, directions, merchandise and all kinds of things. Which clubs have more search volume?

Now which clubs have more search traffic?

It is evident that all minor league teams are not all equal in fan appeal.


Keyword Monthly Searches
durham bulls 40500
louisville bats 27100
columbus clippers 27100
indianapolis indians 22200
toledo mud hens 18100
gwinnett braves 18100
rochester red wings 14800
charlotte knights 14800
buffalo bisons 14800
pawtucket red sox 12100
norfolk tides 12100
buffalo bison 12100
syracuse chiefs 9900
charlotte checkers 9900
lehigh valley ironpigs 6600
norfolk admirals 6600
durham bulls schedule 6600
scranton wilkes-barre yankees 5400
buffalo bandits 4400
indianapolis indians schedule 2400
gwinnett braves schedule 2400
toledo mud hens schedule 2400
charlotte knights schedule 1900
buffalo bisons schedule 1300
buffalo bisons baseball 1300
norfolk tides schedule 1300
victory field indianapolis 1000
Total monthly searches 297,200

What does this mean? Since people search for EVERYTHING, it is useful to know how many people are interested in anything related to your business.

Facebook…the 800 pound gorilla of social media

In the social media space, people liking you on Facebook or mentioning you on their profile is a measure of their enthusiasm.

Wow they know how to use Facebook.

and others (I’ve run all teams) not so good. That means they have opportunity.

So what do these statistics mean?
1) Minor league baseball has rising search volume
2) There are dramatic differences in how much web engagement minor league teams have (20X) between the best and worst.

3) For businesses which sell millions in tickets annually, they are not a web saavy lot.

Now my world of effective small business marketing, we start with web searches or social media engagement. We make offers to people to develop and nurture relationships. We build segmented lists by people’s interest and then sell to them.

There is a relationship which generally looks like this:

I am convinced that I can help minor league teams. I would like to meet anyone responsible for sales and marketing for a minor league team. I appreciate your help.