My fellow Infusionsoft partners…We can assist one another while helping small businesses grow and automate.

I’ll share my getting leads methods here. I get 50% of my leads online and 50% offline. I invest alot of time in events and speaking engagements. I invested in a projector and made 5 powerpoint decks with theory and examples of how to grow small businesses. (yes I swiped and deployed a few slides from Infusionsoft’s presentations) I tried using the Infusionsoft presentations but they got the lowest ratings so I now know what my audiences love..theory, example, story, theory, example , story, etc.

I developed a way of implementing Infusionsoft which has proven effective and helpful to small business owners…I call it InfusionSteroids. Click to view

You can optin to my warning sequence… but it is one of many I have running.

As an overview, I get leads from many sources…
online from a collection of websites all targeting different value propositions and different people.
Open Spaces main site
Open Spaces Consult…Infusionsoft centric site
webninjamarketing tools….targeting do it yourselfers
plus 5 other sites targeted at vertical market segments.
All told my sites have about 5k uniques monthly.

And info product sites…
JuicedMetrics…It is my technique for diagnosing the main issue for a business and monitoring improvement. It really works and I’ve offered it to you.
Small Business Steroids …shows small business owners how to DIY effective marketing
InfusionSteroids…my method of implementing Infusionsoft, delivered as an information product
These are designed for DIY (Do-it-yourselfers) and serve them with valuable info on best practices of how to implement.

Meetings and Events
I periodically go to San Diego Meetups where the topics and audience is a good fit for some activity I am working on. Examples are entrepreneurship, wordpress, seo, small business growth topics.

I run two meetups…

Small Business Steroids- Effective Modern Marketing

San Diego, CA
1,752 Small Business Owners

We discuss effective customer attraction techniques.This is a no sales environment yet we are discussing Sales and Marketing… especially what works today. This is a group d…

Next Meetup

Small Business Marketing done right.. The way to start winni…

Friday, Jul 26, 2019, 7:30 AM
2 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →
These are weekly and usually have 10-15 small business owners show up.

I am a member of several organizations.. they meet monthly, except BNI (6x a month)
BNI- great for referral marketing (these people need websites and Infusionsoft but haven’t realized it yet)- 30 people weekly 140-250 attendees monthly
(find your local group like this) These are our people..they are smart marketers and are highly motivated.

And, of course, I founded and run the Infusionsoft User Groups in LA, OC and San Diego….you should invest the time in this also. Check out my event tab on this site for more info.

When Infusionsoft brings an event into town I usually bring 20-30 people to the event…so support them and it pays rewards.

Let’s share the most effective techniques with each other and bring this revolution on!