We’ve enjoyed success with clients by growing their online business. I’m sure you are asking how does this work.

How does our process work?

We have a standard engagement process with our clients.

Step 1. Take our Quiz.

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Step 2. Schedule a ‘Discovery Call’

Then you project work begins.

Purchase a Customized ‘Digital Opportunity Report’

We typically start with a ‘Digital Opportunity Report’.

It has four sections. It’s often 80+ pages.  Experienced web marketers are always amazed by this report. It is based upon observable facts not opinions. Loads of facts that tell us the story about how we can succeed with you.

  1. Your Business Model & Economics
  2. Your Current System Performance & Opportunities
  3. Your Competitors – What we can learn from them
  4. Our Digital Success Plan

We discovery all your strengths and weaknesses. We understand your ideal customer. We understand your competitors. We can see the clearest way to succeed.

The end point of this is your Digital Success Plan.  Using your team and our team, we assign out the tasks. We build websites, landing pages, hook up analytics, start website traffic. This includes a flow diagram of the pages in your sales funnel like this example:

Each of these boxes is a webpage so you can see the flows, the function of each and understand your sales/marketing system.

What is our key to success?

Understanding People, Message and Time are the keys to success.

You must master the marketing technologies that enable (or often inhibit) your online success. We use 50+ web technologies to analyze and implement your system. We have some proprietary tools and techniques that we feel give us an advantage.

  1. We look for your leverage points in your Business Model –Money Metrics
  2. We look for your powerful messages – Money Message Technique
  3. We understand the emotionality you evoke in your customers- Emoteus
  4. We look for marketing system leverage- P-Curves

We schedule a routine meeting to review your plan execution and the results being generated by your online sales/marketing system. We look for improvements in the system. We look at how your prospects are engaging with your system.

When your project has achieved it’s pre defined and mutually agreed to goals, it it complete.  We want you to succeed and refer us many other businesses.

So Let’s get started. Step 1 Take the quiz.

Step 2. Lets Schedule a web meeting

If want to learn more before moving forward,  I have a few videos that may help you understand.  Building an effective marketing system involves alot of learning. Lets start with meeting a business owner who has been in business for 22 years and has learned a few things recently.

First, I’d like a Rhonda share what she learned about how to improve her marketing.  Click Here to Learn from Rhonda

If you’d like to learn about my approach to marketing…. Here are some videos that introduce me, what I’ve learned and show mu approach.

First The Basics


Next My Approach and What I’ve Learned


Finally.. This shows examples of the Digital Opportunity Report and How to construct A solid plan