I’m a huge fan of Radiolab. They combine science, explanation, music and human interest stories in a compelling podcast. It is always performed in the familiar 3 act play format and runs 1 hour in length. The three Acts are joined by a common theme.

1. Colors
Did you know that humans have been able to see the color blue for
millions of years?

The word blue is always the last color to enter human language. Red
is the first.

Our understanding and perception of the world is related to ability
to perceive and have a word for an experience and a reason to remember
the word.

It makes me wonder what other capabilities we humans have that we haven’t exercised yet.

We are less aware of some fundamentals of our experience in life. I
encourage you to think differently and become more aware.

2. Blink

We blink frequently. In that millisecond, our vision goes black. But
our perception is that the world is always there. We don’t perceive
those black blink moments.

Over the course of our life, we lose 2 years to blinking yet we rarely
perceive our blink or the loss of sight for those milliseconds.

Did you know …Blinking in groups synchronizes. What is going on with blinking?

We blink to end our thinking and digest that “thought bite”.
This great podcast from NYC’s Radiolab

What is my business purpose in sharing this to you?
There are some fundamentals of the world we live in which we are
unaware of. If we become aware, we might be able to be more effective.

3. Cities
The pace of people in cities differs. The pace with which we
talk, walk and much more is related to the size of the city we live in.

We adopt a rhythm of walking, talking based on our city.

4. Emergence
Fireflies flash their yellow light. In some places, fireflies
synchronize their blinks. Without communicating and without a leader.

Ants are amazing. They individually are very stupid. Collectively
they are highly effective.