Secure your Tech Layer

[There are several foundational elements you should have in place before sending people (aka Traffic) to a website or web page. Let me break down the basic elements necessary today.

#1 Start With Security

Add SSL to your hosting account. Google and well most consumers now expect you to have a secure website. I have a discusson of SSL in our blogs. It’s a wise first move.

#2 Get Tracking in Place

Tracking is essential for you to learn to be better. It’s important and actually easy to to if you know how.

CRM for Stage Tracking

  • –Email Captured
  • –Email Clicks
  • –Sales Opportunities Management

Website tracking

  • –Google Tag Manager
  • –Google Analytics- Website tracking
  • –Facebook Pixel
  • –Google Remarketing pixel
  • –Crazyegg/Hotjar- On Page heat maps
  • –Call Tracking
  • –Wistia for Video tracking

#3 Speed

The time it take for a web page to load in a browser is important nowdays.

You probably don’t know that your website is ‘slow loading’ because your pages are cached in your browser and they seem to load fast to you. But new visitors may experience slow load times and that lowers conversions.

#4 Improve Email Deliverability

There are some common techniques to get more of your emails delivered. They require the use of paid services and tools along with smart application of technique.

We offer services to get your online business ‘Traffic Ready’ so you don’t miss out on the engagement, leads and sales you deserve.

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