Setting Your Strategy

You probably get calls and emails every week or perhaps every day offering help with your online marketing.
Some of the tools offered can be helpful. Most will not be. Why?

Is it because the tools offered don’t work? Sometimes but no.
Is it because the tools offered are too expensive? Sometimes but no.

It is because you need to fit the tools to YOUR STRATEGY.

Use tools to strengthen or execute your strategy!

Tools + Execution – Strategy = Low Chance of Success

Strategy + Tools + Execution = Success

So what is a solid Small Business Marketing/sales strategy?

I think it looks like this…

You select ideal customers, stages of activity and select tools and tactics for each. We call this a Marketing Automation Plan.

You need this plan. It allows you to select tools and techniques to execute your business strategy and grow your business. You evaluate each tactic or tool within this greater business plan.

If you don’t have a Marketing Automation Plan (MAP), we can help create one for you.

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Marketing Automation Plan

(MAP) Planning Guide


You will find evaluating the tools and techniques used to grow your business much simpler once you have a marketing automation plan.