Show Up in Search

To connect with buyers in your service or product category, you must understand how people search for information. Understanding search is really not understanding one search result but the flow of queries… We learn a bit more with every search to receive another piece of the puzzle with each query.
Google is truly amazing. They understand how people search to collect information and solve problems.
  1. Search volume of different terms used in a client’s business
  2. Evaluation of competitive websites and the competitors tactics
  3. Selecting the tactics which are likely to produce results for clients
Here is an example…we have never worked for a San Diego Plumber so it is a safe example to use… The first analysis is to find the terms used nationally in the US (if you are selling in the a region of the US)
show up in search analysis
Then we analyze the terms commonly searched in in your region… for example San Diego plumber:
Next we analyze the major competitor websites for quality, search volume and which search terms draw traffic to their websites.
san diego plumber keywords
Then we have enough information to select a strategy which is likely to deliver a good return on investment for a client AND know the architecture for building an effective website.We perform this “keyword analysis” for our clients for between $1,500 and $500 depending on complexity and depth of analysis. It is the basis for developing an effective web-strategy.
Here is a “how to do it yourself” quite simplified approach to Google’s Keyword tool and keyword research. It is a pdf of a powerpoint deck and a 13 minute video of a presentation to small business owners at GKIC (Glazier-Kennedy Insider Circle) group in San Diego.
It is my gift for do it yourselfers and inquiring small business owners.

Getting the right Keywords is the first step to online success

Here is a peek into how this process works….