Understanding Search

To connect with buyers in your service or product category, you must understand how people search for information. Understanding search is really not understanding one search result but the flow of queries…we learn a bit more with every search to receive another piece of the puzzle with each query.

Google is truly amazing. They understand how people search to collect information and solve problems.

View this great video as it tells a story in under a minute (and shows the sequential series of searches):

Think of search as not one single search but a series of searches…

When people have a need there is a series of searches to find a solution.

Think of people solving their problems…and how can you help them.

If you can understand how people come to an awareness to needing your product or service, If you can understand what they search on…you can create content to connect with these people and serve them (and get more customers and sales).

Sounds simple, right? When you have it figured out it is. Figuring it out isn’t. However it is extremely valuable.

The process of this is keyword research where we select the search terms in your customer’s buying process. We can help.

So, what are your most important searches? How does this work for the people you can best serve and sell to?

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