small business marketing

This is the 40,000 foot view of how to grow a small business…

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This the general success path…
1. Who are your people? Your best prospects. The people you serve excellently.
2. Why should they do business with you?
3. What Segmentation creates Relevance in your communication?
4. Where to connect? Online, website, direct mail, events, other
5. What Content engages them?
6. Build a List…starting with a Lead magnet
7. Nurture through stages to sale/appointment
8. Over deliver…build in a WOW
9. Collect testimonials and Referrals
10. How else can you serve these people? (Accension strategy)

The beauty of modern marketing is everything is measurable! Everything.

So here is it in a graphical format… (copyright 2011 Open Spaces Marketing)

Does this work?

Here is what a client says…