Marketing Dashboard

View your marketing funnel in one single place AND instantly access understanding of what tactic you should apply to see results.

There are four main metrics which every small business owner needs to monitor to understand how their marketing system is performing. Our dashboard is a way of seeing these metrics at a glance and understanding what the metrics are telling them, AND what actions are suggested to improve your results.

The four main categories are:

  1. Links and social media (How many others are building your online reputation)
  2. Search – The number of people who search monthly on your essential searches
  3. Website – How well is your website performing on the most important factors?
  4. Follow-up – How big is your list of “interested prospects? How well is this converting to appointments and sales?

Our dashboard provides these essentials at a glance. And there are helpful videos which explain how to understand what these are telling you AND what to do to improve!

Many business owners don’t understand from this “40,000 foot” view of their sales/marketing system. Our dashboard gives you this.

For example, you can see the basics of how many visitors came to your website, how long they stayed, and is trending up or down…

For example, Follow-up, we connect with Infusionsoft for Infusionsoft users and show their sales funnel metrics:

We offer helpful informational videos helping you understand what the metrics mean…and will offer suggestions on how to improve your results.

One handy place to see everything AND know what changes to make to start improvements. We offer this service free for during our beta phase then is is modestly priced afterwards.

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