Better Optins

Me and my techie team have been busy in the ninja labs and I have something for you and your clients.

We are all familiar with the standard method of capturing a lead (a webform) ….


We all know this is less than ideal yet it is to stock of our trade. The problems with this are many…

OK, is it just me? I just hate the word “Submit”. Is this any way to start a relationship?

They don’t trust us so they don’t give a real name or real email (I don’t check my yahoo email very often and that is my “throw away emailfor optins) So you get bad email addresses and names.

And it is work. People hate work even if it is just typing their name and email. So you get fewer optins

Yes we need a better way. We now offer a better way. A wordpress plugin which gives us a better solution.
1. Real Names
2. Real Emails
3. Easy for the users
4.,click and unlease the power of Infusionsoft

Isn’t this better?

Interested yet?
Introducing the Social Optin Plugin (for Infusionsoft users)

Two clicks. A real name, real email and you have them as a contact in Infusionsoft, your wordpress website, tagged and running your selected actionset.

Example 1:

Click one on a social icon…say Facebook

Click two is from Facebook asking if you want to approve your website to link to Facebook

Since this is their real Facebook name and email associated with Facebook…much more likely it’s not a throw away.

It runs an actionset for my “Request an Appointment” Campaign. (Please don’t really request an appointment yet I turned it off)

Oh did I mention that it works with their favorite “social” account/site?

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Linkedin
4. Google +
5. WindowsLive
6. Foursquare
7. MySpace
8. Yahoo
9. AOL
10. Last.FM
11. Identica
12. Gowalla
13. Tumblr
14. Goodreads

and soon Pinterest

Pretty cool, right? Ok I’m going to sell it.

Opportunity for you… solve a problem for me
This thing will be popular. Very Popular.
Smart Marketers will want this installed ASAP.

My Problem
I don’t have enough people on staff to handle “Done for me” installations. I do want all requests to customize this puppy.
But I want my ICC family to unlease it on the Infusionsoft community. And you do the installations.

There is an opportunity for you to do setup, configuration of it OR we can for a fee. We don’t have enough manpower to do all the configurations for the “do it for me” people.

What is in it for you
Bring some of the coolest, money making technology to your current client base
Position you as a expert
Start building bigger, better lists for your clients

Here is my Call to Action…tell me if you are interested in “certifying” on the implementation of this (using an old fashioned webform) Yes, but I’m still finishing testing those 14 API’s.

I’m seeking your feedback. I’m launching this in about two weeks (we are in full testing mode)

Yes I have three refinements in the works also testing. (They are also pretty cool)