Business and technology

Timing is everything:
In business that’s never been more true than today. If your sales, marketing, customer service, operations, manufacturing, financial management, or partners are out of synch, you are letting the competition get an advantage.

Transform to an automatic business:
Envision your employees, management, suppliers and partners having all of the timely information they need to make the best decisions to focus on the most profitable business. At the same time, having the dashboards and timely reports to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Imagine automated workflows, campaigns, approvals, and business processes delivering value to customers, prospects, employees and business partners. Let us show you how.

Our applications and consultants transform your business to a truly automated businesss. Our deep industry expertise, business transformation expertise, and focus on return on investment provide you with a valuable solution.

Do a quick self test, which of these best describes your business?

Where is your business in it’s lifecycle?

Stage One: Start-up and True Small Businesses

All emphasis is on finding market acceptance and finding their niche. Resources are aligned with finding customers and serving them and little infrastructure for company systems is developed. Few employees who wear many hats. Little specialization of labor. Few systems. Planning is generally short term.

Information Technology is very immature, a few PCs running Excel worksheets, Microsoft Office (or openoffice) and Quickbooks for Accounting. Few business systems, few controls. Alot of labor expended in duplicating information entry into multiple systems. Often business in this stage begin to purchase and implement various point solutions: email, email, contact management, manufacturing planning, shipping management. These systems don’t speak with each other.

Early in this stage, automating the sales and marketing process can pay enormous dividends. As the business grows and becomes busier, often follow-up and customer service falls leaving good sales opportunities to fall through the cracks. Infusionsoft can automate sales/marketing and follow-up and has huge ROI.

Stage Two: Growth Company

Products/services have reached some market acceptance. They have repeat orders from many customers. Volume is building. More employees are hired especially to fill special skill needs. Fewer employees wear many hats, more specialization of labor. Labor costs increase as does overhead. Planning becomes more important and is both short term and longer term in time scale.

Information technology infrastructure is usually immature. A server, a LAN network, a few workgroup/department solutions exist but don’t speak with each other. Duplication of labor is common.

Financial controls are becoming important. Work flows, systems, standards and procedures and authorizations start to become important.

One integrated web-based CRM like Infusionsoft usually can create enormous value for businesses in this stage. The businesses often are long overdue to make the next step into an CRM so the business of improving efficiencies, security create very high ROI.

Stage Three: Mature Growth Company

The company’s products and services are well established. They have many customers and large transaction volumes. They have often acquired a few companies and have multiple business systems which are being integrated into one. They have many employees, most highly specialized. They have many business locations. Their business complexity has increased many data sources inside the company, outside and their are increased needs around reporting on business system performance.

IT infrastructure is large with multiple servers, storage systems, and locations.

Timely reporting of financial status, project status is extremely important. Integrating multiple information sources, managing huge databases and viewing information in many perspectives creates a requirements for both standard reports and ad hoc reporting to understand the business.

Business Intelligence (BI) software and data warehouses merge the information from many systems and sources and enable real time reporting and ad hoc querying of the information to gain insights into business performance. Cognos, Crystal Reports and Business Objects are valuable to businesses in this stage.