Groupon Expert

We discussed at our meeting the “Groupon Expert” opportunity. On this page, I will analyze the opportunity.

High level search..Groupon is a new “breakout” search which suggests opportunity.

Even “Groupon marketing” looks to be on the rise…

Specifically, we discussed the opportunity to use a “Groupon” to offer a 4 hour “Groupon success for small business” local event in a series of cities for $50. We would share successes, dissect failures and generally offer great advice to small businesses. The upsell is a 1 day “small business marketing” workshop for $200. It is a “Groupon Expert or Groupon Marketing Class”.

Our main issues are:
1. How to get leads to offer the event to
2. How to develop the course content
3. How to scale the opportunity

Inbound techniques or outbound?

Inbound leads could come from organic search, PPC, affiliates.

Lets start with Organic search by examining search volume from keyword research was performed using these “seed keywords”.
groupon marketing
groupon success
groupon scam
groupon success stories
make money with groupon
lose money with groupon
groupon sales
groupon expert
small business groupon
examples of groupon success

We used Google keyword tool and set the analysis to “phrase” match.

Conclusion: There isn’t enough monthly phrase match search volume to allow a web based “show up in organic search, collect leads and nurture them to sale” system. PPC will be worse.

The only way to make this work is to have Groupon send us their cold leads and we help sell them at the event. We think Groupon gets their leads through calling over qualified prospect lists.

Can we get Groupon to cooperate with our marketing efforts?

Competitive Websites and their traffic
Alexa Rank of 313,000.. great traffic!
“Groupon reviews” is the keyword driving most traffic for him!
He sells a book and does retail consulting and gets alot of traffic from the term.
Alexa of 5 Million..
Not Impressive.

My Conclusion… put some content up on my site (a page) on Groupon marketing…write a good 500 word article. Get more SMB traffic!