301 Redirects

301 Redirection
This conversation is related to when you change from an old website to a new website. You want to preserve the reputation from the old site and apply it to the new website!
So lets start the 301 redirect thing discussion.
I love complete transparency so I usually Google “301 redirect code” to find the best recommendations I like this article (a bit dense) http://www.isitebuild.com/301-redirect.htm.But from a high level here is the theory and how to apply it. High Level discussion on what it is and why to do it.Google applies authority and rank to urls like wwwyoursite.com. When you make a new site like www.mynewsite.com it has no authority or rank and must start from ground zero.
First definition of terms:
sitemap = list of pages (urls) in a website which looks like this:
  • mywebsite.com
  • mywebsite.com/about_us.html
  • mywebsite.com/products.html
  • mywebsite.com/events.html
A very smart thing is to take the sitemap from the old site and apply redirects to each page on the new site.
so I like to use microsoft excel and have two columns
Left side Old site page(url)
Right side New site page (Url)
You use this to then have the web developer build the “301 redirection script”.
This is the exact “mapping” of old to new urls. Google reports all page rank and authority passes through 301 redirects unchanged.
A simple way to change this is using a global (*) type redirect BUT the disadvantage is that it passes the traffic and reputation to the home page of the new site. It is better to build authority of your “children” pages (by passing the reputation directly using a page specific 301 redirect) because the parent usually has more reputation and authority of the children. So making a website change over it is best to do this exact page (old > now = > New page) as it enhances or preserves your site authority.
Without doing this you are leaving a $ investment in reputation wasted. So now, How to do it?
  1. Have your web developer do it!
  2. If you use wordpress there are plugins like 301 redirection which can help
  3. A smart college kid could do it
But seriously have a web developer do it and prove it was done. Ask them to add 301 redirect scripts to your htaccess file. PAGE BY PAGE (old to new) Anyone worth their salt knows three ways of doing the work. but for your info.
WordPress runs on apache server operating system and runs php scripting language so have your webmaster use the apache php script.
Again if they think this is difficult or don’t know how to do it get a better webmaster. This is basic stuff.
I trust this is helpful. I know it is techie but it is very important!