Google is truly amazing. For market research, isn’t it valuable to know what people are hungry for? Isn’t it valuable to know what people in your category are searching for?
Google gives this info to you for free. go to and create an adwords account. You’ll need a gmail address to set up your adwords account. Look for keyword tool.
This is the basics of how to research if there is adequate search volume and commerciality using Google’s keyword tool. Remember you are looking for the sweet spot, adequate search volume, commerciality (high cost per click) and relevance to your category.
Let’s define terms
Search Volume
The number on searches performed in google’s network in the last month. Local means in your country (often for us people in the us)
A subjective determination by you the business owner or marketer of if this term is related to questions new prospects and clients ask. Do your prospects ask this question during their research into purchasing in your category? If yes, it is relevant. If no, it is not relevant.
Of all the businesses in the world, is anyone willing to invest their money in pay per click advertising to draw these people to their website. If yes, it is a good indication that the term could give you a client. If not, it is less commercial, possibly people seeking information but less likely to buy something.
A high cost per click $5.00 cost per click is a good sign of the commercial intend of the searcher, because the marketplace of business owners are freely competing for those people.
Now this step by step video shows how