Upload Video to Amazon s3

I love using Amazon S3. You can offload from your web server large files like videos to lower the load on your webserver, increase how fast things load and save you money. There are a few things to know to setup an Amazon s3 account and there are great videos on “how to”.
I want to share a simple video on “how to” do something which is fast and very simple. How to upload a file to amazon s3 using s3 organizer. They have great support on how to get an amazon s3 account so I won’t cover this. There is great support for the maker of the firefox addon s3 organizer on how to initially set up the addon, so I’ll not cover that.
I show you why you want to do this in this 2 minute video. How to upload a file, very simple, you’ll get addicted. If it is a video, you can build a video player and embed the code on your webpage to play the video, like I do here.
Once you upload your content, there is a very important setting which you must change in.
If you want others to see your content, you must set your content “read” permission to “yes”.