Local Marketing

If you mainly provide your service or products to a local service area, you need “Local Marketing”. Many businesses serve people within a service area that may be 3 miles to 30 miles from their shop location. Some of these businesses send a representative to your home or office and others require you to come to their location for the product or service.

There are a few actions that a local business needs to pay attention to. Google is moving increasingly in a direction of serving local marketers. After all most of the 30 million small businesses in the US are “local businesses” selling in a geography. So you are not alone.

The first is your Google Local listing.
Either claim your listing (if one already exists) or create one.

The second is your Yelp listing.Either claim your listing (if one already exists) or create one.
We have great success with growing local businesses with some “local marketing” tools which are very white hat (safe and proper) as opposed to using black hat (spammy techniques which end up hurting your business).

    The Steps for growing a local business
  1. Define your ideal customer/client
  2. Define your service area
  3. Create a list of your competitors (urls of their websites)
  4. Call me

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