Qr Codes

QR Codes are an essential new tool. Learn them here
So lets walk through the basics. What are QR Codes?
It is this funny looking thing.
When these are scanned by a smart phone, you can run a script or serve a url like
If the smart phone user clicks a properly formed the link, their browser connects to that page is displayed.
How can it make money for me?
QR codes connect the offline world with the online world. Most specifically, QR codes are a great way to bring offline people, online. I’ve seen business offer a special report to event attendees, build a list of interested people and start the lead nurture/sales process.
So who should use them?
Anyone who has offline people you want to bring online.
QR Code Best Practice in Marketing
Case 1. You run monthly events. Make an offer (or two) to attendees. They can signal their interest in receiving a free report, coupon or video access by typing your website page url such as
//openspacesmarketing.com/small-business-marketing/powerful-techniques/qr or by scanning the QR code with their phones.
Benefits to you
Immediate segmentation of your prospect pool. You know who wants “more” of something and “less” of something else.
Benefits to Consumers
Immediate access to your free lead magnet and they don’t have to type that long url.
How to use QR Codes. Step by Step
We will post a detailed description shortly, in the meantime, review Google’s description below.
Here is Google’s Description
https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=150×150&cht=qr&chl=//openspacesmarketing.com/qrclick on this link