Types of Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing 101- The simplest type

There are many varieties of effective small business marketing systems. Generally each marketing system must provide you with a flow of new potential qualified prospects for your products or services. Each system must have a few basics in place to perform properly. I’ll start with the most basic system and show you how each system can be improved.

Let me illustrate with a story. My daughter just graduated from college (UCLA) and would like to earn some money as a tutor this summer. We came up with low cost, easily managed starter sales/marketing system. You can do this with your kids or friends. It took only 30 minutes to build and a $0.00 budget.

The basics needed for any business marketing system are:
1) a place to tell your based story ( a website)
2) a way to bring people to your website (Traffic source)
3) a way to capture a lead (webform)
4) a sales mechanism (a phone conversation)
5) a marketing budget (in our case $0)

Every business needs these:

-Lead Capture (webform)
-Marketing budget (No money but we invested know how)

Here is what we built in 30 minutes using no budget…yes, I repeat for emphasis.

Website- Click to View
We used weebly.com to drag & drop the images and add copy to the basic website. We added her qualifications and a bit of copy

She made a craigs’ list ad driving people to come to the website to for more info on SPANISH tutoring

I then asked my friends if they had any suggestions on who needs such services. This is an endorsed mailing on a qualified list (a powerful traffic tactic) Of course, these people will be contacted and sent to the website for more information. This is likely to be our best source of qualified traffic.

Lead Magnet- Webform
We don’t have a free report yet but did add a “contact us” webform in several places in order to deliver qualified leads to my daughter. This avoids posting her email address and phone on the web but delivers us some leads.

The sales process is simple…my daughter calls and sees if the person is a good fit for her services.

Marketing Budget- $0.00
Of course, the results will be better if she has a budget. I ask you, where should this marketing budget be applied initially?

More Traffic?
Better on website copywriting?
A descriptive video of services offered?
Testimonial Video of a satisfied client?

Later in a second phase, her system could benefit from systematizing and communicating with each of her “ideal customer” avatars. Segmenting customers from prospects and speaking differently to each. Segmenting by service interest: English training or Spanish training. People wanting to excel at standardized tests or people wanting to understand or be understood.

Spanish Speakers wanting to learn better English AND English Speakers wanting to speak Spanish and perform better on tests. This is where segmentation into several prospect and customer types would benefit her little “business”. (This is where Infusionsoft starts to really shine).
You then speak to each group about the benefits of your service and how you help them achieve their goals.

You could then add on automated reminders helping people show up to their appointments. You could offer related services…another language, travel package, college prep info (cross selling).

This is a basic appointment setting system for a service business. It is not unlike most lawyers, doctors, consultants, real estate agent’s sales/marketing systems.

So far no clients but I thought this is a good description of a solid service business marketing system. I speak with business owners every day missing these fundamental building blocks or quite confused by them. I thought this simple example should help some people.

After establishing the basics of a sales/marketing system, you identify the weakness in your system and start to fix the biggest problems. Traffic, conversion to list (webform completions), converting phone calls into customers, etc.

Enjoy…and if you know anyone needing a Spanish Tutor think of my daughter. She is really good at languages…and apparently ok at marketing.