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One of the easiest way to leverage your time and develop unique web and marketing content is web-video. We offer TWO fully equipped video studios to enable you to make web videos very easily. After all, more people watch TV than read books to engaging people with video is good for your bottom line
There are many ways to use video in increasing your marketing effectiveness but there are three main types of web video:
Greeting and informational videos embedded on your website pages.
These create engagement in a personal manner and have the side benefit of increasing visitor’s time on page (behavior Google Loves)

web video production

Videos posted to external social media sites
providing value to people and attempting to draw them to come to your website. There are many flavors of these but the key here is great engaging content and a strong call to action close. Here is an example of this style.
Product videos.
These are either content people pay to view or your offer for free to build your list of prospects. Here is an example of this style.
Each style of video has it’s own fine points to make them more effective. The scripts are different, the location where the video is hosted/posted differs and the marketing purpose of the videos are all different. We have a wide range of experience with these techniques and have worked out some powerful best practices which can help you jump start your process.
We offer two solutions:
1. Done for you by professionals
2. Do it yourself- Rent our studio and use our technology with some support and guidance
The reason you record video content this way is to get more customers. The most important item is your script is the key.
We have all the technology to make connecting with your best prospects easy.
Done For You – Highest Quality for a great image and engagement
Let’s describe one example of a “done for you” product. You receive 20 social media videos which will be professionally scripted, edited and posted to 100 social media sites. That will expose your message widely on the web and give you valuable backlinks.
Our team includes a professional video/photographer, professional grade lighting, sound, clothing consultation, making a final product of this quality level…the best you can get on a reasonable budget.
DO It Yourself – Use our equipped studio, lighting, sound, camera, teleprompter, editing software and save
We have a green screen studio which allows you to record and place yourself against any background. We have the cameras, microphones, lights, sound, software an computers, just bring your scripts and leave with videos posted to your website.
Call today to reserve time or inquire.

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