Webinars are very powerful marketing and sales tools today.
Webinars use video (audio and visual engagement and learning) , scarcity (limited time availability of information) and coupled with Infusionsoft you can target people with post webinar messaging based upon their behavior.
Live Webinar
The most popular is gotowebinar which is great for “live webinars”. There are a few integrations between Infusionsoft and gotowebinar and the reports are good. I’ll put information on them on this page later.
Evergreen Webinar

I want to focus you on the “evergreen webinar”, record it once and it appears to be live but runs like clockwork on your predefined schedule.
Amazingly powerful, build it once, play many times. I’ve reviewed the available “evergreen webinar” tools and I have a favorite, stealth webinar. Here is some of their training video information I wanted to share.
Many people aren’t aware of this as an option.
If you want more information on how to effectively use this tool and technique, call us.

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