What is Infusionsoft?

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a small business sales and marketing system. It is software as a service (SaaS) which means it is accessed through your computer, tablet or phone’s brower.

Infusionsoft makes it easy to have all your contacts in one place but so do many “contact manager” programs.

Infusionsoft makes it easy to send email campaigns to your customers, prospects and referral partners but so do many email programs like aweber, icontact, constant contact.

Infusionsoft makes it easy to sell your services and products online but so do shopping cart programs like 1shoppingcart and others.

Infusionsoft makes it easy to track your referral partners and affiliate’s activity and compensation.

Infusionsoft makes it easy for your sales team to have a list of people to call every day and know what to do next with them.

Infusionsoft makes it easy to benefit from Marketing Automation where multiple systems are automatically connected with one another. It has an open API which enables developers to connect these systems.

The difference is that Infusionsoft does all these things in a single application.

It is an “all in one” solution and the others are “point solutions”.

Who successfully uses Infusionsoft?

All kinds of small businesses…contractors, plumbers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, information marketers and a mind blowing variety of niche businesses.

It is the most popular “Marketing Automation” system for small businesses.

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