Social Proof

Social Proof

Isn’t it interesting that people will trust other people over their own judgement. This is how “social proof” works. It is a powerful force in any marketing/sales system.

People are more likely to believe what others say than their own experience or judgement. How can you add social proof into your marketing?

How can you use this to grow your small business?

1. Collect Testimonials
Ask your clients to describe the benefits of your product or service. Do it systematically and automatically.
For you Infusionsoft users, build out your post sale campaign first. Nurture people with messages post sale reinforcing their purchase/investment, then ask them to provide feedback in the form of a survey. Provide an incentive for this (It is an upsell or cross sell opportunity). For all happy people, ask them for a testimonial.. then a referral.

2. Use Videos of people with other people telling their experience with the benefits of your product/service

3. Use events

4. Provide case studies of successful clients

Here is a Real World example…my client has a special needs au pair business (au pair is a European term for nanny or child care provider).

Problem: Sales Prospects not converting from interest to sale
We wanted her sales prospects to be able to imagine the benefits in their daily life of having a professionally trained special needs au pair.

Solution: Add social proof/testimonial within a “day in the life” story
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Kristen White is the genius who constructed this video in partnership with Susan Asay, the owner of APEX

This is just one of the 5 essential videos every small business must have. Kristen shares information on effective video marketing in her webinar series….Click to Signup. You will find this very valuable.