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Craig is dedicated to growing small companies with good marketing. A veteran of many marketing campaigns in a wide variety of industries. 30+ years of F100 marketing to Startups and small businesses. An acknowledged thought leader in marketing automation and small business marketing. Duke MBA. Craig loves marketing puzzles.

Client Introducing Craig… (Alt intro)

Craig is a true professional and I admire and appreciate his expertise. Over the last five years I got to know many online experts, but he belongs to the top 1% because he knows what he is talking about and what is important to grow your business using the internet, especially if you are a brick and mortar or a person business like us .

His ability to explain to the difficult and complex concepts to make it easy for a newbie in marketing (like me) helped me to learn quickly and efficiently what I needed to make an educated decision on what strategy to follow, what do do myself and what to outsource.

His focus on the big picture of marketing strategy AND his skills and knowledge about online automation and word press AND recommends resources (developers, copy writers, video, and combining it with the power of Infusionsoft application) to get things done is freedom I was longing for.

 He has been the key to our success. Craig is our success mentor and coach. We could not have come so fare without his dedicated advice. Because of his combined knowledge and understanding of small businesses, strategic marketing, internet marketing, website building, and automation.
I can recommend Craig to any business owner who has a high quality product and wants to work with a true professional.


The most popular talk is “Mobile First”… where I show the tools, mindset shift to start to optimize for mobile conversions and sales online. I don’t have any products or services behind this talk.This is my talk that shakes people into an awareness of today…

“Mastering Emotions”… in this I share with you ways to understand emotions and improve engagement and conversions . I highlight our software effectcheck.com and emoteus.com (The free version) . It’s my original way of thinking about branding, content and marketing. This talk has them thinking about the emotional journey of their content.

“Understand and Fix your Business Model”.. this talk I do with Chris Friend a young hip bearded Harvard/MIT MBA partner. We have a free product for them. People rave about how they can understand their business after this talk

My edgy/advanced topic is a discussion of data enrichment, and advanced traffic tools and techniques…. Not a topic for regular biz owners

I’ve also done a talk that people like..”P Curves.. the key to profitability”. I share pareto curves and how to optimize your marketing system.