[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Case study on Webpage speed.

Let me explain where I’m coming from.  I believe page load speed affects conversion rates, especially on mobile so I believe that I want my pages to load in under 3 seconds. 3 Seconds or bust!

I have moved websites from one hosting company and server set up to another seeking fast page load times for the existing website structure. Here is the info on that variation. I like AWS, Digital Ocean and Simpli Networks for hosting from that testing. That is one use case.

I was interested in the other case. New domain, nearly no content or plugins installed on a wordpress website other than the ‘essential plugins’ to measure web engagement.

So I thought I’d share this case. I’m doing some lead gen in the real estate agent niche.  Don’t worry about my client or their customers. Let’s look at the tech setup and see if we can get a great setup working.

This is wordpress using the stock 2017 theme on Simplinetworks hosting.  1.2 Sec load time!

But I like to make pretty pages so I’d like to use a landing page generator that is a wordpress plugin,Instapage.  Other time I use click funnels or leadpages but I like instapage.  Let’s see what Instapage + WordPress + Simpli Networks gets us in load times:

1.8 seconds!  WOW Smokin fast and pretty landers

So wordpress with minimum plugins and measurement can load in under 2 seconds!

I love Simpli Networks wordpress hosting.